Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why You Need an Interval Timer Feature on a Stopwatch

Many exercising fanatics and aspiring athletes are hardly aware of the interval timer mode that a stopwatch often comes with. This helpful function of a sport timer helps structure the workout or the training sessions of the athletes enabling them to measure the precise timings spent on various types of exercises and workouts.

Importance of an Interval Timer in various types of workouts:

For Weight Loss Training: Suppose you set up your weight loss workout session with 5 sprints of 3 minutes each with one minute interval between each session. If you will try to maintain this timeliness with an ordinary wristwatch, it will be almost impossible. Consequently, you may not achieve the desired benefits of your weight loss training.  Thus, you need to have an advanced quality racing stopwatch that can give you the ability to gauge the time intervals with more precision.

For Athletes & Sprinters: A stopwatch, with a countdowntimer display, serves as an alarm for an athlete who is trying to make better speed and wants to complete his race within a given time period.For example, if an athlete wants to beat duration of 9 seconds in a particular race, he can fix the timer for 8.9 seconds and can practice his running.  With a decimal stopwatch this can be more precise, like 1/100 of a second. See two examples of Decimal Stopwatches, Seiko and Accusplit brands.

SEIKO S05A - Digital Decimal Stopwatch ACCUSPLIT AX602M500DEC Decimal Stopwatch
SEIKO S05A - Digital Decimal Stopwatch ACCUSPLIT AX602M500DEC Decimal Stopwatch
The SEIKO S05A - Digital Decimal Stopwatch for industrial measurement is a digital decimal stopwatch that can be used for activities such as production control and performance analysis.
The ACCUSPLIT AX602M500DEC Decimal Stopwatch is a multi-mode, 500 memory advanced timing stopwatch with the best WOS functions and features to provide you with the highest quality timers and stopwatches.
$179.00 $121.99 $80.00 $69.99

If the timer beeps before reaching the finish line, he would understand he will have to practice more. This way a stopwatch with timer serves the purpose of an athlete and there is hardly any doubt that behind the creation and breaking of all world records in athletics, sport timers play a very important role. Today, all sports trainers and coaches take help of racing stopwatches to offer efficient training to the athletes and other sports persons. By utilizing these stopwatches effectively in training, they determine the level of efforts one would require to better his or her performance on the track or the field. 

Buying a stopwatch with timer:

Today, there are several advanced types of sport stopwatches and timers that come with multiple interval timers. There are racing stopwatches available today in the market that may allow you to set up even 10 sequential time keeping for ten individual runners. But such a timing device is meant for advanced level of workouts and one need to make sure whether this is what you are really looking for before getting one.

If you want to buy a perfect stopwatch that comes with an interval timer, choice are abundant today, as there are several leading brands offering high-quality digital stop watches to the fitness freaks and sporting enthusiasts.

A stopwatch and timer has been of great importance for any person who wants great results from his or her workouts. This is the reason why a timer could be a necessary feature that one needs to keep in mind while trying to purchase a stopwatch for his or her daily practice.


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