Monday, October 1, 2012

Your Mini Running Guide for Your Daily Workout

When you want to buy a stopwatch for your daily exercising, you might get puzzled when you would come across with hundreds of different brands and each having several sets of features. So, while deciding to get the best stopwatch for yourself, you need to ask several important questions to yourself. For example, what features you are looking for. How much would you like to spend on it? Want to have for improving your running time? And several more!

However, most of the good-quality stopwatches are bit pricey and so you need to be ready to make a good investment. Remember, a good stopwatch can help better your running times and can monitor your progress. They can have several interesting features that can make your running time more pleasurable and you would love to spend your time on running on a daily basis.

If you don’t have a good budget for your stopwatch, you can go for the minimal features with a time and countdown. The most important thing is to gauge the time of your running and a running watch featuring a chronograph stopwatch can serve your purpose. Another important thing is to check the level of comfort while wearing it. However, we can enumerate the following essential features of a sport watch:

  •         A clear display unit enabling to view the time and data clearly while running.
  •         A stopwatch chronograph for recording split times.
  •        The ability to record lap counts in its memory.
  •        Must feature an interval timer and countdown timer.
Efficient Running with a Running Watch  

Running can help you in burning calories and melting your fat, provided you know how to run efficiently and effectively. Using few techniques, you can run faster and longer and can experience better results. There are two important aspects that one needs to take care of in order to take best advantage of his or her running:
  1. To keep running gradually faster and longer with a better endurance
  2. Minimizing the joint stresses while running to reduce the injury chances
 A running watch can greatly aid to improve your running time in a gradual manner. It’s important to run consistently with endurance to see the results of your running. At the same time, it’s important to see if you are not putting extra stress on your joints while running. It’s particularly more important if you are overweight. By keeping in mind that you are not putting more stress on your joint, you can make sure that you can run longer and won’t have any chances of injury.

Monitoring Your Cardio While Running

While running, it’s important that you keep the cardio intense and brief. Otherwise, your body will reach into the catabolic state where you may start consuming protein to maintain your energy level. Thus, you will find difficult to add on muscle tissues for a good physique. Performing too much cardio should be avoided. A high intensity cardio effort of 15-20 minutes is often recommended for the best results. Your stopwatch can assist you in this interval training where you need to perform an intense workout for about a minute following a cooling down for a minute or so and repeating this pattern for 15-20 minutes.    

Keeping an Eye on Heart Rate Monitor While Running

Running with the help of heartrate monitor can be an effective training for many runners. However, many runners don’t know to use the device to its full potential and thus remain unaware of its benefits. This tool records your heart rate while running and gives you a feedback about your heart’s working status. For your aerobic endurance, your heart’s fitness level is an important parameter. Thus, using a heart rate monitor, you can significantly improve your aerobic endurance.     

Breathing Tips for a Runner

At the time of running, you rely on your deep inhalations to keep supplying oxygen to your lungs. Good amount of oxygen intake to the muscle means more energy generation for your running. But rapid breathing should be avoided. If you breathe rapidly that doesn’t mean that you are taking more oxygen, as rapid breathing is often considered as shallow breathing.

A good breathing can be accomplished by following manners:
  1. Start with a walk and focus on deep breathing. Monitor your breathing pattern. Try to synchronize your breathing with your stride. Try to clear the lungs of carbon dioxide when you breathe out.
  2. Now, speed up your walking pace and start walking briskly. But try to maintain the same deep breathing pattern like earlier. By paying a little attention, you can manage your breathing.
  3. Now, start jogging slowly by maintaining the same breathing pattern.
  4. Finally, try to run with full speed but maintain the same breathing pattern.

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